Team Talk, Team Trust Card Game — Combo

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A fantastic trust-building tool. This card game is full of questions to prompt building trust and getting to know each other on a team.  Use them at the start of your team meetings for a quick round before the agenda begins.  Or, ask a few of them during team-building off-sites.

We have seen with clients throughout North America that trust is the foundation of team success and most teams don’t have the deep, interpersonal trust required for true success.  One way to build trust is to get to know each other as people.  Sounds simple but when is the last time you really got to know your colleagues? When is the last time you tried to understand a foe?

These question cards are simple yet deep — they’ll help your team build trust and by building trust you’ll start seeing far greater success.

And now, we have included with the purchase of the cards, a digital set of the cards (all 150 of them — designed as PDF and as PowerPoint slides and as Keynote slides)!  The digital versions will be emailed to you instantly, with your order.


If you would like the set of 150 digital cards, without the boxed cards, please click here


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