Everything DiSC Sales Assessment


Communicate Better with your Customers and Prospects!

Everything DiSC Sales® takes all the power of DiSC and focuses it on what entrepreneurs, sales leaders and fundraisers need to succeed.  This profile guides you to pinpoint the DiSC types in the behaviours of you clients and prospective clients, and how to use that knowledge to adapt your own style to better suit the client.  Doing that dramatically improves your chance of concluding a sale and building a solid ongoing relationship.

Everything DiSC Sales helps even the most experienced entrepreneurs, sales people and fundraisers understand how to better match their style to their customer and potential customer’s style.


The Assessment Profile

Get immediate access to your own assessment and your custom profile. When you purchase the profile here, you will get an email with access code allowing to take the assessment immediately and then receive your custom profile directly to your inbox.

Everything DiSC Sales Profile includes:

In-depth, research-validated online assessment and management task-specific report focuses on:

  • Your own natural sales style and tendencies;
  • Your clients’ and prospects’ buying style, and
  • How to adapt your sales style to their buying style to seal the deal.

Sample Report

DiSC Sales Profile – Sample Report