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Communicate Better with your Team and your Boss!

In a recent Inscape Publishing study of management perceptions, 47% of respondents said, “My manager enhances my job satisfaction and work quality.” Unfortunately, 53% said “My manager either diminishes or does not contribute to my job satisfaction or my work quality.”

Managing effectively means moving from a “one size fits all” management approach to providing direction, motivation, and development in a way that aligns with each individual.

The most successful managers read the needs of their employees and adapt their style accordingly. These are important skills that can be developed with the Everything DiSC® Management Profile.

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The Everything DiSC Management Profile is customized to you and shows you how to work with your staff by providing insights for understanding your staff members’ priorities and preferences. The report also provides information on dealing with conflict.

Everything DiSC Management is the most in-depth and easily customizable DiSC-based management profile available.

The assessment takes about 10 minutes online and you will then automatically receive your customized profile.

This management-specific, personalized content creates an in-depth learning experience that you can use forever.

The Assessment Profile

Get immediate access to your own assessment and your custom profile. When you purchase the profile here, you will get an email with access code allowing to take the assessment immediately and then receive your custom profile directly to your inbox.

Everything DiSC Management Profile includes:

In-depth, research-validated online assessment and management task-specific report focusses on:

  • Your DiSC Management Style
  • Directing and Delegating
  • Improving Employee Motivations
  • Employee Development
  • Working with Your Own Manager

Preview a Sample Report

DiSC Management Profile – Sample Report